How to use Youtube to promote your Business

By Julia Mann 20 December, 2019 Customers

A lot of businesses use the same social media platform such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn for marketing their business and don’t think too much of Youtube as it is a video platform, but did you know it’s actually the second biggest search engine and website in the world? With over 1 billion subscribers and 30 million visitors daily it reaches people ages 18-50 than any tv network, that’s why youtube is one of the best places to market your business online. Here are some simple tips you can follow to promote your brand on Youtube.


Create your Youtube channel

Creating your channel is the first thing you need to do to get started, remember that this is what your audience’s see first so make it look appealing, upload a profile picture and header on the channel art section make it look clean and nice, then fill in all other information like your youtube name, company website and a short description about your business. Create a trailer video that auto-plays on your channel, it can be an introduction about you or your business, make it short but creative. Create a featured playlist on your homepage and add your videos, it could be about your products, the places you go, interviews you conducted or your achievements, you can divide each by section.


Create your video content

Once you’re done setting up your channel you can now upload your videos, there are tools you can use to create your video content and they’re readily available for download some are free but may require you to purchase some of its features. Did you know that if you generate more views, Youtube will likely promote your channel adding you to the recommended videos to watch? This will result in more people viewing your videos. 



There are many ways in which you can get many views to your videos, here are some of the things you can do:

  • Optimize a good title and thumbnail that best suits your video content, these are usually the first thing that your viewers see so choose the best ones to put and have them clicking your videos to increase your views and ranking.
  • Choose a great topic for your video that is relevant to your target audience, the content should be informative and meaningful, something that will pique your viewer’s interest and engage them to watch until the end.
  • Adding tags and keywords can boost the ranking of your channel and videos, do research on the best Youtube keywords to use that is relevant to your video content and add them to the title and description. Keywords can help your video and channel’s discoverability, it will also get you more subscribers. Tags help you sort out your keywords and have youtube add your videos for recommendation streams and search results.


Try to engage with your target audience as frequently as possible by creating more useful videos, you can also do a live stream promoting your branding and add a CTA (call to action button) on your videos of your website and your social media platforms to get more traffic and have new potential customers, utilize youtube’s other features like its paid ads to help and ensure the success of your business.

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