Work with Julia

Let me show you a little more about my unconventional approach to business.

Is it your dream to escape the office grind?

Maybe to finally go to that dream destination you’ve been watching, or show your significant other that you finally can succeed on your own?

I’m here to tell you we can make your dreams a reality.

Find your purpose

You’ve always known what you were meant to do. Let’s finally achieve that!

Fill your Bank Account

Have as much money in the bank account as you’ll ever need.

Build Loyal Clients

Fill your appointment book with amazing clients that love you!

Get life-long support to build your dreams

To become a successful female entrepreneur and business owner doesn’t come overnight. It takes time, the right tools and a great support network.

Empower Yourself

I love helping women across the world feel positive and empowered about their dreams! It’s just who I am.

Laugh More

Working with me, you’ll see that I’m a bit of a clown. And you deserve to laugh more!

Relax More

I’m in this to see you succeed. You can count on that. Relax and let me show you what to do step by step.

To be able to go through your course and learn not only how to build a community but engage with them; how to implement Facebook live and add value in a way that I couldn’t do with the written content online has changed my whole business.

Create an amazing life without the 9-5

Hundreds of Julia’s clients have been able to leave their 9-5 jobs, retire their partner, and get the chance to do something they are truly passionate about!

And no, it’s not always about the money, it is about truly loving what you do. It might start by you waking up, NOT hating to start the day. Making a little more money than before. 

And if you are truly passionate and hard-working, nothing will be able to hold you back from creating the business of your dreams.. earning whatever the heck you want to earn. 


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