Stress Management: 7 Simple ways to Relieve Stress

By Julia Mann 12 December, 2019 Customers


We face different situations every day that can cause us to feel stressed, it’s usually triggered by emotional problems, workload, financial strains or problems in your family or relationship. When we feel stressed our body reacts to sudden changes with both mental and emotional responses, when this happens it could potentially affect our physical state too, whereas you feel fatigued, headache and heartburn. We can overcome stress by learning how to manage it, here’s what you can do:


Eat Healthily

It’s important to stay healthy to fight stress, in order to do so you need to eat healthily and have a well-balanced meal. Include fruits and vegetables in your daily diet and take vitamins and minerals as prescribed by your physician.

Exercise regularly

Exercising regularly helps you blow off steam to clear your mind of all the things that’s been stressing you out, it keeps your mental and physical state healthier and intact. The people who exercise more are unlikely to experience stress and anxiety than those who don’t.



Talk it out

Having someone to talk to helps lift off the weight of what’s causing you stress, so don’t keep your feelings to yourself and talk to someone about it like a friend, family member or colleague, preferably face to face or at least over the phone. It’s always nice to have someone who listens and can give you some sound advice.


If ever you’re in the stress zone, keep your cool and take a 5-minute break or so and learn the art of meditation. Simply close your eyes, sit in an upright position, breathe deeply and recite anything that can help you ease your mind like “I feel wonderful”, practice this daily to help you relieve feeling stressed.



Listen to music

Try listening to relaxing sounds like ocean waves, sounds of nature or classical music, it can help you alleviate stress, soothe your mind and body, if you feel more like singing to your favorite tunes, then do some karaoke and sing your heart out.


Have a good laugh

They say laughter is the best medicine, it can cure your feelings of anxiety and stress, having a good laugh changes your mood instantly and lightens your load. You can watch a funny video or do something fun whatever it is that can brighten your mood.


Think Positive

Staying positive can alter our perspective of stress, don’t linger on the things that you cannot change but rather focus on the brighter side of life, stress happens when you let yourself be consumed by negative thoughts if you don’t let the bad things get to you then you can definitely live a happy life.



I know we all have our own ways to cope with stress, some divert into bad habits like binge eating, smoking, and drinking but the truth is, it just worsens the situation, it’s best to stick to a healthier lifestyle for it will help you more to combat stress.

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