Ways to Stop Worrying about what other people think

By Julia Mann 27 December, 2019 Business Tips, Customers

It’s just human nature to care about what other people think and get affected by the negative things they say and I know a lot of us have fallen victim to harsh criticism and false judgment and that’s pretty much the norms of our society today, everyone has always something to say about someone and they’re all so quick to judge. There is a way to free yourself from people’s negative comments and that is to stop worrying about what they think, here are some of my tips to guide you to live freely.


Stay True to yourself

You will encounter people who would rather point out your flaws than compliment you, and when you subject yourself to these criticisms it makes you think that you’re not good enough and so what happens is you try to transform yourself into a completely different person, but did it made you feel any better? I doubt it, so my advice is to stick to being yourself and don’t try to change just because someone said so, you should always be confident in the skin that you’re in and keep in mind that you’re beautiful, you’re special and what sets you apart from everyone else is because you’re you!




Remove the Negativity

You have to free yourself from all the negative thoughts, remember that what other people say about you is not who you are, don’t let them be the judge of your character, you’re so much more than what they think. You see these negative thoughts that you inflict on yourself is what creates frustration and self-doubt, if you want to feel good about yourself then acceptance and self-love is the key. Think positive and be positive it’s how you can live freely. (Source: Power of positivity.)





Choose your crowd

The people who would rather bring you down than lift you up are those who are full of envy and wants to be above everyone else, they would constantly pinpoint your flaws and make you feel bad about yourself, steer clear of these kinds of people who belittle you and would talk behind your back, there’s a good reason why they’re at your back anyway right? Differentiate friend from foe, keep in mind that a true friend is someone who wants to see you grow and be successful in life, they’ll be standing at the sidelines cheering you on.

Live your life

Always remember that; “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent”, meaning you have control over other people’s opinions and criticism towards you, just choose to ignore it and live your life the best way possible, you are your person and no one can decide who you want to be. When you’ve finally learned the art of not caring about what other people say then that’s the time when you can fully accept your flaws and be the best version of yourself.

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