How to stop the feeling of overwhelm.

By Julia Mann 30 September, 2019 Customers

This shit is easy!

Don’t overcomplicate it.


You know that feeling when your throat tightens..

You feel a little tingly and anxiety creeps in?

Nothing in this moment feels like it could help. 


Your to-do list reached up to the sky and you feel like there are never enough hours in the day. 

I felt the exact same, only last week. 

I am in the midst of launching 2 new online programs and have many many modules to prep. I planed it all out. 

It seemed achievable but it wasn’t a week later, when I started stressing out about just HOW MUCH there was to record. 

I felt I needed to put all this pressure on me to get it all done in time.

But then I took a breather not long ago and reminded myself of what one of my own coaches told me.

Whenever you feel stuck or unsure about something, imagine yourself 1 years from now..

Where do you wanna be?

And what decision, 1 year “ago”, helped you..

or perhaps somewhat influenced you, to get to where your future self is?

Another thing that really helps is if I tell myself ” This Shit is easy!”

Overwhelm happens when you’re being future focused with fear. ( and it hasn’t even bloody happened yet)

What is the easiest way to create whatever it is you are doing right now, and do it with fun and happiness?

I am taking this advice, I got from an amazing human, myself today.

Always moving forward with things that are important in creating a future that I see myself at.

All the other BS is secondary and overthinking will make it even more confusing.

So what is it that you are currently feeling overwhelmed with. Try my little tip and let me know how it all worked out for you Julia 🙂

Much love…


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