Top 3 Best Social Media Sites for your Business

By Julia Mann 28 November, 2019 Business Tips

If you’ve decided to use social media sites for marketing your business then you’ve made the right choice. Social media platforms are the most popular form of advertising online and is also one of the cheapest forms of marketing to date. If you’re still not convinced how you will benefit from this, then you might want to read my blog about The Benefits of Digital Marketing for Business“. According to Statistics an estimated of 2.65 billion people were using social media worldwide and will increase to 3 billion by 2021, roughly 70% of consumers consult social media sites when purchasing products, so there’s no doubt this is the best place to market your brand. Here, I’ve listed the top 3 most popular social sites you can use for your business:



Facebook – with about billions of people subscribed you’ll find every type of demographic user on this platform that’s why it’s the top 1 on the list. If you want your content to reach more people you can always use the paid ads but its gonna cost you some $$ and the rate depends on how many days you want your content to run and how many users it will reach, you can choose your target audience here by setting the age bracket, gender, location, and interests. I know some businesses are not too keen on spending on ads but I’ve seen a lot of businesses reach success through Facebook paid ads and with some having a return of investment in no time. 

Facebook’s messenger is a very useful communication tool which is the next best thing for businesses, it allows you to interact with users directly, you can link this to your website or business page if you have any and when a user clicks on your ads they’ll be redirected to your messenger and can start inquiring about your products, you can also set up an automated reply so you can manage the people who send you a message even if you’re not online.

You can also check out my YT video on How to Grow your Business on Facebook.



Instagram this social platform is an extension of Facebook, it’s also a very popular site to use for your business. Use paid ads here by linking your Facebook business page or account and have your content showing here as well. But unlike Facebook, Instagram focuses on great visual photos and videos with amazing content it’s what gains you more followers, you don’t need to spend much on ads, providing great content is all it takes, that’s why it’s perfect for businesses without much of an advertising budget.







Pinterest is the third on our top list, if your business is more on the creative side, like beauty, lifestyle, weddings, home decors or outfit designs, then this social media platform is perfect for you. Pinterest has millions of subscribers and most are women. You can also use its paid ads, though it’s not that advanced compared to Facebook, this platform uses keywords for search organic, so make sure you use the most popular keywords that align to what users are looking for to have your post viewed.


There are many other social media platforms which you can use for your business, I’ve only listed the top 3 most popular ones, the 4th one being LinkedIn you can read more about that on my blog Using LinkedIn for Your Business. It’s up to you which one to utilize for your branding, just make sure to strategize well so that you can gain more and not less.

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