Top tips for providing excellent Customer Service

By Julia Mann 13 December, 2019 Customers

An excellent customer service is what most people look for, it’s what makes them come back and patronize your brand, it doesn’t matter if you’re hotel is the best in town with top-notch facilities, breathtaking interior and design if you have poor customer service then all of that is for nothing really, that’s how important customer satisfaction is, especially if your business is in the service industry. If you want to get new customers and keep them then it’s important to provide them with the best quality service, so here are some of the simple tips you can follow:


Train your staff

Your employees must be properly trained in terms of product knowledge and dealing with your customers. Provide employee training on the proper way to treat clients, delivering quality service and addressing customers needs, they should be equipped with proper knowledge for them to execute the best possible customer service.



Communicate with your clients 

Communication is important when dealing with your customers, it’s how you can  build that connection with them. Make it a point to respond quickly to their messages and I’m talking about human interaction, not AI, your customer wants to talk to a person, not a chatbot, if they ask questions, answer them right away and make sure you’re the last person to leave the conversation, if your customer replied with just a simple thank you respond and say you’re welcome. Responding to your clients makes them feel important and that you care, so check-up on them from time to time.



Know your customers

If you want to build a lasting relationship with your clients you need to know who they are, not just their names but also find out their birthdays, hobbies and interests. It’s one way of understanding your customers so you can provide them what they need, adding that little extra for your customer goes a long way you can send them gifts on their birthday to make them feel special.


Always listen

Your customers feedback is so important, whether it’s a positive or negative one these are the areas you need to improve on so always pay attention to their suggestions and the things they say, it’s how you can provide quality service and just goes to show that you actively listen and your customers’ opinion matters.

Be helpful

Some customers tend to do “self-service”, they try and figure out things by themselves and they wouldn’t dare show their frustration when they can’t make it work, so offer your help even if they’re not asking for it, they’ll surely appreciate that and earn you that extra credit.


When I see bad reviews from hotels, restaurants or online stores almost 70% of concerns are about customer service being bad like they waited too long, the service was too slow, staff are unprofessional and not accommodating. This is how important customer service is, your clients are an integral part of your business so treat them the best way you can, give them much importance and provide them with excellent service that will keep them coming back.


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