Using Pinterest for your Business

By Julia Mann 18 December, 2019 Customers

Pinterest is the 3rd most popular social media platform for businesses, with over 200 million users worldwide and most of them are women, people who use Pinterest are those looking for inspiration, ideas or information on a product it’s the best place to showcase your brand by creating images to use as pins. Here’s a rundown on the basics of using Pinterest and how it can help your business grow.


Getting started with Pinterest

Just like how you create a personal profile on other social media accounts like Facebook and Instagram it’s the same process with Pinterest, providing your email address, password, etc. If you already have a personal profile and you want to add a business account then you need to log out of your account first then go to Pinterest for Business and start creating your profile there, include all your business details like name, description, website link, and profile photo, if you want to convert your account to a Pinterest for business profile then just go to your account, then on the upper right corner click the three dots and select upgrade account then fill in important details about your business, when you’re done setting up your profile you’ll be able to see the business features like creating ads and analytics, it’s that easy you can always go to help center located in settings to learn more.


Board and Pin

Board is where you save your pins and organize them so you’re followers can easily search and view your pins based on category. Pins are the images you create that you want people to see, if you’re using business for Pinterest it’s important to always include your website, product or online store link to these pins and have informative captions so you can gain a following.

Pinterest for your Business 

If your business is more on the fashion or lifestyle industry then use Pinterest as part of your digital marketing strategy. A lot of users turn to this social platform to look for home decor, creative ideas for hobbies and interests, or inspiration for important events like weddings and birthdays, popular searches also include food, travel, fashion. Your pin includes an image that users save for reference, you should also put a link to your website, blog post or youtube video on the pins you create to help drive more traffic to your site.

According to business.pinterest they have an average of 3.8% greater sales than other Digital campaigns, meaning a lot of users have purchased a product based on Pinterest, this works when a user search for product information to help with purchasing decisions and if they like what they see they buy it, that’s why if you want to increase your sales then make sure that your pinned post includes a link to your product or online store.


If you want to have a powerful marketing strategy I suggest you make use of Pinterest, it’s the best place to showcase your business and branding also to drive traffic to your website and increase your product sales, so start pinning and start winning.

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