How to Deal with People who take Advantage of you

By Julia Mann 10 January, 2020 Customers

I know that at some point in our lives we have been used by a stranger, people we know, our workmates or even family members, there might be some instances where you have probably been taken advantage of but are not aware of the situation. Like for example, a neighbor asks you to look after their dog while they’re away you agree and then it happens over and over again, now you couldn’t refuse, that’s being taken advantage of, these are people who use you for their gain. So how do you deal with situations like this?


Toxic people are hard to deal with, especially if they are someone close to you, the relationship could be making you unhappy and distressed that affects your mood and makes you unproductive, you have to remove this kind of people from your life, permanently. Identify friends from foe, some people who hide their true self are those you should be careful of, they mean bad intentions so always trust your gut feeling. If it’s someone who only comes to you when they need something or borrows money and never pays you back, these people are bad news and might bring you some problems in the future, so maintain your distance and never let them trick you.





How do you recognize the behavior of the people around you? Sometimes if you’re too trusting you turn a blind eye on certain situations like those who abuse your kindness and use you for their selfish ways. There are times when it’s difficult to unmask people and show who they are, they come off as someone nice, dependable and will do anything to gain your trust, you’ll never know their true intentions until they’ve finally got what they want and later shrugs you off. You have to scrutinize the people around you, don’t get easily fooled by sweet talk and friendly gestures.



I know how frustrating it is when someone uses you for their own good but this somehow teaches us a lesson to be more careful next time and never be too trusting. As you move on to your business or career you will meet a lot of people with different attitudes, personalities and agenda you’d be the judge of their character, some might try to put you down, talk shit behind your back and take advantage of you, but don’t let them affect you, just remember to follow your instinct for this will lead you to the right set of people who’ll help you towards reaching success and will stick to you once you’re there.


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