Turn your Passion into a Business

By Julia Mann 17 January, 2020 Customers

Passion is your interest in something that you’re so keen to do, its when you feel excited or motivated, it could be anything you set your heart into, like writing, painting, cooking, creating stuff and this usually starts as a hobby that soon turns into something more like a business perhaps? And when that thought crosses your mind you get excited and also a bit scared, you have these presumptions like what if I don’t succeed? When you get so future-focused, oftentimes you tend to overthink, remember business is simple, it doesn’t have to be grand or complex you just need to learn the basics and the things you need to be ready for, and I have these simple tips and tricks for a win-win situation.


At this point, you’re probably asking yourself, what if I don’t make enough to cover the losses? Hey, don’t beat yourself up for something that hasn’t happened yet, you need to focus first on what you want to do, like the branding how do you want it to look, your target customers and the kind of strategy to market your business. Get to know your customers first, if you already have a bunch of clients that buy your products then you won’t have a problem selling them your stuff but how about those who aren’t interested? Or has no clue about you yet? Well matey, that’s when you market your brand, start by creating that connection, make content that’ll pique the interest of your audience and it could be anything like a post or a video. You have to remember that making new customers is important but keeping the old ones is a priority. (You can also check out this blog post: The Secret to Winning Customers over).


Turning your passion into a career requires much hard work and your 100% dedication if you want it to be successful, don’t get too stressed out if you’re not hitting your target, or if there are problems, business is all about those challenges, it’s what makes its foundation stronger and oftentimes makes you strive to do even better.


In business you can either make it or break it, but this outcome entirely rests on how you do things or handle certain situations if you work hard but still nothing, no progress then you’re probably doing it wrong, you gotta change your game plan, think of solutions or areas where you can improve on. 



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