4 Simple Ways to Market your Brand Online for Free

By Julia Mann 20 November, 2019 Business Tips

I know you’ve probably invested a lot of money opening your new business and it’s just natural to cut down on your losses, and by now you’re probably not too keen on spending too much money on marketing, so I’ve gathered these 3 simple but effective ways you can follow to market or advertise your brand without paying a single dime.


Use Social Media

We all know how powerful social media is in marketing your business, everyone has a smartphone and everything can be accessed online. You can use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn to create content that can showcase your products and services and also connect to your customers online. You could also try doing Facebook live to gain more customers, find out more of that here How to use Facebook Live to Grow your list of clients! Your post doesn’t always have to be business-related it could be personal too like bits and pieces of information about yourself – provide them with valuable content that will make your customers trust you even more. 




Create a Blog

This is a good company exposure that helps drive more traffic into your website, your blogs can be business-related or quality information that people are trying to look for. So, provide your audience with great content that they’ll be interested in, it’s another way of reaching out and connecting with your customers online.






Upload Youtube Videos

Creating youtube videos is free and is also a great way of sharing content videos of your products or anything that is useful which your audience will be interested in. You can start live videos too and share things about your business or it could be your personal life, this is actually a great way of interacting with your viewers so that they’ll get to know more about you. Videos you upload could be short but entertaining or long but informative it’s up to you.



Join online groups

You can join Facebook groups or community forums and market your brand there, post relevant stuff about your business or other stuff too just make sure that you actively participate in the forums and join in the conversation so you can create a connection with the members. This is also a great way of letting people know about your products and services and this might sound cliche, but it’s also free!





These are simple but very useful information that can help you market your brand without spending a dime and it’s important that you utilize these platforms effectively. Just remember that marketing your business online takes time, it might take days, weeks or even months to gain new customers if it takes longer than that then you gotta change your marketing strategy, just be patient and keep a positive attitude.

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