Using LinkedIn for your Business

By Julia Mann 27 November, 2019 Business Tips

You probably heard about LinkedIn but know a little about how it works, there are still a lot of businesses who don’t use LinkedIn and they stick to the platforms they’re more familiar with, but I suggest you start using this social media site for it’s now ranked 4 most used social media app for businesses, you can connect to other companies here with the same nature of business like yours and learn from their posts and share your insights as well.

How does LinkedIn work?

Just like Facebook, you need to create your profile account and verify your email address, once done you can start creating your LinkedIn company page. Make sure to put your company description, like your story, how it started, the products and services and include your company values and mission. Fill in the required fields of your business information like company website, address, company size and upload your cover photo and logo as well. You can also create a career page if you’re looking to hire new employees, simply indicate the position or skills that you’re looking for. if you want job seekers to have an idea about your company, provide information like company background, employee testimonials, photo galleries of your business and the people working there.

Sharing content

LinkedIn is different from some social media platforms where you can post the same content over and over again to market your brand, if you want to gain new followers you need to post relevant content, think of what your target audience wants to see, your post can be about your business, inspirational messages or useful information like a blog content or video, it should be something that will benefit your audience and pique their interest, if you want to promote your business website you can include the link to your posts. If you want to increase views on your content, it’s best to post during Holidays like Christmas or Thanksgiving, take advantage of these occasions.

Gain more followers

You can use paid ads to promote your posts, gain more followers and also gives you the advantage to select your target audience, but if you don’t want to spend money on advertising you can always use your website to promote your LinkedIn account by including a call to action button then adding it to your business page, you can also share it on other social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram or have it linked to your email signature. Keep track of your analytics by checking how many people reacted or showed their interest in your post, it will give you an insight or idea of what your target audience wants to see and you can plan your future posts by creating something similar but with a different thought.

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