4 Tips to grow your Facebook Business page without spending a dime

By Julia Mann 7 January, 2020 Business Tips, Customers

There are a lot of businesses that use Facebook ads but the majority of them don’t and the truth is there are so many ways you can do to promote your page and increase your following without spending on ads.

So here’s a list of the top 4 things you can do to grow your Facebook page without spending a single dime. 

Post daily updates

If you want your target audience to engage in your post then you need to keep them updated by posting daily. Be creative and think of new ideas or strategies that will get people interested, use beautiful images that will showcase your products, the more eye-catching your photos are the more attention it will get. Write great content that says a lot about your products or services then upload your post on different times of the day for the entirety of the week. The best time to post is during the early morning, at night and on weekends, but to get a more accurate guide you can always check your post reports on Facebook insight to know when your audience is mostly online.


Do a Facebook Live

Doing a live video increases your chance to get noticed by your target audience, now the question is what will you talk about? You must have a clear objective of what you’re going to deliver to your fans.

You can follow these four key tips when doing a live video:

  • Stick to one topic only, like if you’re going to talk about your brand then just focus on discussing that one main thing.
  • Your camera should be clear and lighting needs to be good.
  • Avoid background noise or any distractions at the back.
  • It’s important that your audience hears and understands what you’re saying so talk with clarity.

Know more about doing a Facebook live to increase your clients here: How to use Facebook Live to Grow your list of clients!


Write a Blog post 

Creating a blog post allows you to increase your page’s visibility on Facebook, write about your products and services and put emphasis on how your audience can benefit from it, you can also give insightful tips, guidelines and share your thoughts that’s related to your brand. Post this on your page or provide a link to your blog, if your fans find your content helpful then chances are they will share your post and get more people reading it.





Use email marketing

If you happen to have an email list of your potential customers, you can send them a message regarding your product launch, new updates and special offers or promotions, include a link to your content post to have them redirected to your page. You should add a link to your facebook page on your email signature to promote it.


If you want to get more following on your business page and increase your chances of getting noticed by your target audience then read my blog about: Ways to get your Facebook business page noticed.

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