5 Tips to Grow your Business with Instagram

By Julia Mann 4 December, 2019 Business Tips

Instagram is another popular social media platform next to Facebook. Bought in 2012 by the founders of Facebook, its popularity has increased since then with over 800 million active users worldwide (based on statista) and is expected to grow into a billion by 2020. Instagram gives businesses an opportunity to grow through marketing their products to a target audience, with so many engaging users there’s no doubt Instagram is one of the best platforms to have brand exposure and market your business. Here are 5 simple tips you can follow to grow your business using Instagram:



Set up your Business Profile

Having an Instagram business profile allows you to indicate other information like operating hours, business address and phone number you’ll also have access to the paid ads and view your profile insights so you can track your most viewed posts and stories. IG’s bio section is only 150 characters short, so maximize it well and just write about what best describes your business or brand and don’t overthink too much. For the website section try to change it a bit, instead of a link to your business website why not try interchanging it to perhaps link to your products or promotional events.





Create engaging Posts

Instagram is more on visualization so it’s important that you post creative and appealing photos to showcase your products to engage in with your audience, your posts don’t always have to be about your products it can be motivational, inspirational or how-tos it should be something that will speak to your audience so be creative and try new things.



Use Instagram story

Instagram story is another great way to engage with your audience, you can upload as many stories as you like it can either be a photo, short video, boomerang or you can even do a live video, include a hashtag, mention or share your location in your post. Adding a CTA as well can help promote your products and this gives you an opportunity to target new audiences, stories last for only 24 hours so utilize it effectively and try to post daily as possible.


include a hashtag

Adding a hashtag can help expand your posts so that it’s easily discoverable by other users, make sure to also include a hashtag for your business name to help users find your content easily and land on your profile eventually. You can use up to 30 hashtags per post, it’s best to use the most popular ones like #instagood which is used in about 300 million posts, but still add hashtags that are relevant to your post.






Collaborate with other businesses

Collaborating with other businesses is important in marketing your brand, it can help you gain a following, you can do this by mentioning them in your post or do some shoutouts, it’s when another brand with a higher number of followers promotes your brand to their audiences and you do the same for them and you both benefit from the exposure.


Instagram is ranked 2 in the most popular social media apps used by all businesses (read more about it here: Top 3 Best Social Media Sites for your Business grow your followers and keep them updated by posting content daily so you can stay on the grid that’s one way to grow your business using Instagram.


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