3 Effective ways to Get New Customers

By Julia Mann 7 November, 2019 Business Tips, Customers

You’re probably wondering why some businesses have customers coming back to them over and over again, and it seems like they get new clients often. You may feel like you’re getting left behind and I know that’s pretty frustrating, you see there’s no secret to their success, they’re just doing a strategy that you’re probably not following. Here, I’ve listed these 3 simple but effective ways that you can do to get new customers and keep them.


Get to know your Customers

You have this long list of potential clients and you want to offer them your products and services, but how do you even start? You have probably sent them an email but got no response, your message was either spammed or ignored, if you try sending them a follow up email but still no luck then move onto those who responded and quickly give them a call, remember to make a good impression, sound happy, don’t get into business right away ask them how their day was, if they say hey sorry I’m quite busy then ask when is the best time to call? If they don’t give you a clear answer you can offer them a visit instead, in that way they’ll feel important. If you come face to face with your client give compliments, make it sound genuine but don’t overdo it, think of it as talking to a friend rather than a customer so they’ll feel comfortable and eventually start trusting you.

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Create Brand Loyalty

When customers ask about your products and services then that’s a clear sign they’re interested, but how about those who aren’t? Well, you just have to make them! Once you’ve established that connection with your clients then you can start pitching in your brand, tell them the ins and outs of your business, how they can benefit from your products and its effectivity if they ask you how come yours is more expensive than brand X? Explain to them what makes it different from the other brands, its guaranteed quality, and performance that give it an edge to your competitors thus the price difference. Never lie about your products just to sell them, remember that you have to be genuine, tell them the real deal and what they’re gonna get.




Keep your Customers

When you have finally made a bunch of new customers you probably want them to come back and purchase from you again, right? That’s establishing brand loyalty, if your client was highly satisfied from their first purchase from you then there’s no doubt they’ll be returning customers, but still you have to guarantee that they will so try checking up on them from time to time and keep them updated on what’s new, send a quick chat and ask how they are or if they need anything from you, keep on building that relationship with your clients and make them feel they’re not just your clients but also your friend.


Always keep in mind that your customers are the top priority, your business will cease to exist without them so make your clients feel important, establish a good working relationship with them and remember the golden rule “your customers are always right”.


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