Ways to get your Facebook business page noticed

By Julia Mann 6 January, 2020 Business Tips, Customers

It’s important to have a Facebook page for your business especially if you want to establish your brand and get more people to know more about your products or services if you’ve already created one then you need to start promoting it otherwise you won’t get the results that you want, with many other businesses who has a Facebook page, it’s gonna be tough getting ahead of those who have already established a following, that’s why if you want to catch up to your competitors you need to get a move on, here are some useful ways you can do to promote your page and have it noticed by your potential customers.


Create an interesting profile

Once you’ve set up your Facebook page you need to make sure that you’ve provided all of your business information to make a good impression to your audience, your profile is what your visitors will look for to read about information on your branding, so everything must be there, you can upload a short introductory video on your profile that tells your back story of how you started and what your business is all about, this is also a chance for you to showcase your products and services.





Interact with your audience

You need to make sure that your page is open to the public so that your target audience can visit anytime and view your posts. Get your audience to participate in your posts by starting a thread asking a question or include them in your decision making like asking for suggestions or tips, doing a live video is also a way for your customers to connect with you and get to know more about your branding, organize an event or run a contest, this is a good opportunity for brand exposure.


Be consistent in posting

Your audience needs to know that you’re there, you don’t need to be online all the time but it’s best that you monitor your daily activities and interact with your community by replying to their comments and messages, schedule your posting and do it daily but make sure that your content is useful information and is relevant to your business and branding.


Promote your Page to other Social sites

If you want to promote your page you can use your website and social sites like Instagram, twitter or youtube by including a link to your Facebook page to easily direct people to your business page, you can also put the link in your email signature or other marketing materials like for example a poster, flyer or business card, another thing you can do is to create a blog post about your Facebook page and explain why they need to join your Facebook community.


Encourage people to promote your page

Make your page easy to share and add a like button to your profile that is visible to your audience, ask your friends, family, customers and Facebook community members to share your page and promote it.


Use paid ads

If you’re keen on spending money on ads then you can always use Facebook’s paid ads or featured stories to get your page noticed, just click the promote button on your page and select your target demographics and how long you want the ad to run.


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