Introduction to Using Facebook for your Business

By Julia Mann 30 December, 2019 Business Tips, Customers

Facebook is the most popular social media platform online and has over 2 billion active users monthly, you’ll find every type of demographic user on this site, that’s why you must have a Facebook page to help your business promote your brand, get your products recognized and increase your customers. Facebook page now has new tools and resources you can utilize to help grow your business in no time, here are some guides you can follow to manage your business effectively using Facebook.


Create your Facebook business page

There’s a difference between a Facebook profile, page, and group. Facebook profile is your account and should contain information about you, you can’t create a business profile for it’s against Facebook terms of use and that will just get deleted, a Facebook group is where the community or your target audience can actively participate in discussions or share their thoughts or insights that are related to your products. A business page is always linked to a personal account, so you need to sign up for a Facebook profile first, once done then you can now create your page. It’s important that you include all of your business information in the about section, like company description, your address, phone number, business hours, email address, website and then upload your brand logo or banner, make sure you don’t leave any details behind, utilize all of Facebook tools like adding customized tabs, you will see this option under your cover photo, it will help your visitors to easily access your business page.


Grow your community on Facebook

It takes a lot of time and effort to build your community on Facebook, to gain a following you need to create useful information and content that your target audience will be interested in, have your target customers participate in your posts by asking them for product opinions or include them in your decision making, you can also do a live video and interact with your audience, this can help your page get noticed and increase your followers, make sure you post regularly and you respond actively to people’s comments and questions, stay active and be on the grid that’s how you can grow your Facebook community.


Make use of Facebook ads

Another way to grow your community and increase your brand exposure is by using the Facebook ads, it’s easy to use and can effectively market your brand online but its gonna cost you some $$ and the rate depends on how many days you want your content to run and how many users it will reach, you can choose your target audience here by setting the age bracket, gender, location, and interests. I know some businesses are not too keen on spending on ads but I’ve seen a lot of businesses reach success through Facebook paid ads and with some having a return of investment in no time. (Source: Top 3 Best Social Media Sites for your Business




There are other social media sites which you can use to grow your business and effectively market your brand but you must always have a Facebook page, don’t create a page just because everyone is doing it, you have to make your strategy work and ensure the success of your business.


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