How to write an Effective Business Email

By Julia Mann 12 February, 2020 Customers

While there are many new forms of communication tools today like Facebook messenger and other social media platforms, email marketing remains a popular communication tool used by many businesses. An average worker receives 80 to 90 emails per day and sends 40 business emails daily that’s a lot, right? 

While getting the word out there by writing a business proposal for potential clients is important for your business you still need to consider the effectivity of your email and if it’s something worth reading, oftentimes our email message lacks format and etiquette that leads to just being ignored by clients, so you need to know how to write an effective business email, here are some of the key factors you need to consider beforehand:


Know who your audience is 

It’s important to know who you’re sending the message for, if it’s a potential client, do a little research and know their names so you can acknowledge them properly like Hi Sheryl, reading their name will get their attention and your email won’t sound too generic. If it’s another business owner you can mention their brand name and give compliments about their products or services, like for example; Your product looks amazing, what I like most is this cute XY bracelet, they’ll appreciate it that you had gone through their website and that you’re interested in their products as well. Make sure that your email contains content information with the right tone and formality. 


Know the purpose of your email

Know what your email purpose is for and it should have one purpose only. Meaning you need to cover one specific task or topic only like if you’re introducing them your brand then just talk about that, don’t try to offer them anything just yet or sell them something, wait for their response and if they are interested then that’s when you can send another email to offer your products. 



Use the right tone

Using the correct tone when writing your email is a bit challenging for some. It can be formal or friendly but should always sound professional. Avoid using all caps when writing your email for it might sound like you’re yelling; “our products are GUARANTEED EFFECTIVE!” if you want to point out or emphasize important details then use bold or italics instead; “our products are guaranteed effective, also you should avoid excessive use of exclamation points and emojis, know when to use it in a sentence and if it’s appropriate.


Know proper email format

If you want your readers to better understand your email then it should contain both clarity and the right format. Make your paragraph shorter and precise, a longer email might bore your readers and it will look uninteresting, use bullet points to dissect information and make sure your message is easy to read so use the right font style and size. The standard font size to use is 11-12 and the most common font style is Sans serif, Arial or Helvetica.

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