What is a Dream Customer?

By Julia Mann 5 August, 2019 Business Tips, Customers

In coaching, what is a dream customer?

I think a lot of answers would go something like:

“Someone who pays me a lot of money time and time again💰
“Someone who is always doing what they are told”

📣 I like to disagree. ( of course, cause I am challenging and interruptive like that) .
Have we met? 😝

To rock a successful business you are not able to do this if you think this way. It’s gonna come to bite you in the ass. 👊🏼

First of all:
Customers buy once, maybe twice.
What we wanna do is create CLIENTS for life. Clients that return time and time again.

They are a big BUT though.

I have turned people away and NOT taken their money if I felt they :

No 1: either didn’t have any cash flow at all
No 2: are not my type of dream client I would want to work with.

I can get the vibe of someone pretty quickly and if I coach people, I want someone who is coachable but also likes to discuss their opinions with me, someone who implements fast..

…someone who doesn’t rely on me for EVERY SINGLE little thing in their business. And someone who is not a bullshitter.

I need transparency and honesty.
We have all started somewhere, right?

I don’t care how much money you are willing to give me, if I don’t vibe with you or either of the above applies, I will not take your money…

OR worse, if you have a victim mentality and complain all the time, I will not take your money in a million years.

Same goes for clients in a salon situation.
I would not want to keep a client if they are no nice.

They have to be respectful of me, my staff, etc, not be later all the time and just be a nice person overall.

So who is my dream client? ( I have a few of them 🥰)

You implement
You are a straight shooter
You have money to invest in yourself and your business.
You are open to being coached and not get offended when I tell you how it is
You love a good laugh
You are already at a stage in your career where you don’t need hand-holding anymore, or at least not all the time.
You are willing to do what it takes and you are hungry for success.

Rewarding clients!!???

Something even MORE important is to figure out, as a coach or service provider, how to reward your clients as well, so they don’t just feel like their money has been taken time and time again.

To appreciate your clients and let them feel it.
It’s not always just the results that will make your clients happy, for a lot of clients it is also HOW you care for them.
When I have a coach or if I am the client, I need to feel appreciated.

So many businesses don’t WOW their market.
Wows is what grows a business, Un-wows can destroy it.

Anyways… where was I going with that?

I spoke about this very same topic to some of MY dream coaching clients yesterday .. on how to wow your clients.

I think it has to be the norm.
It goes both ways.

I just think, when I am coaching people and I wouldn’t wanna build a relationship with them or I don’t show my appreciation for them trusting in me, I would just be one of them taking their money and testing them as a number.

Especially if they have returned time and time again and show their appreciation towards me.
Alright. That’s all I got. My small finger is now numb and I am ready for bed.

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