Benefits of Digital Marketing for Business

By Julia Mann 4 November, 2019 Business Tips


A lot of you have probably heard about Digital Marketing and has been using this for your business for quite some time now and for those still starting up and have just a bit of idea on how it works, then this blog can help you learn more about this fast-paced marketing strategy that is now a popular trend among businesses. So let me start off by asking, what is Digital Marketing anyway? It is a form of advertising delivered online with the help of Social media platforms, Search Engines, Websites, email, etc. Roughly all businesses nowadays use this to market their brands, products, and services.

Actually, digital marketing has been around for quite some time now even before the birth of Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. If you see ads on billboards, magazines, newspapers, and television these are also a form of digitized marketing. But using this strategy will probably cost you a lot of money, so for small businesses, social media platforms have been such a great help, in terms of marketing their products and services across the world.


Anyway, let me talk about how Digital Marketing works, so you’ve opened a new restaurant and wants to create a bit of a buzz around town, you hand out flyers, you post this big sign pointing to your newly opened restaurant but it seems you’re only getting a little bit of attention, you need a new advertising strategy perhaps?

That’s when Digital Marketing comes in, first things first you need a website, nothing fancy but should include all of your restaurant’s basic information like the location, contact no., lists of your menu, some photos of your restaurant and later on you can add customer reviews and testimonials. But what if you can’t afford a website yet? Well, you can always use Facebook or Instagram and that’s for free! Pretty convenient right? Roughly, 80% of people use social media platforms, especially consumers if they want to buy something they Google it, they want to eat at this place they check the reviews and basically they follow whatever is popular on the internet.

Another form of Digital Marketing is Search Engine Optimization, I don’t want to get too technical on this one so it’s simply a process wherein you drive traffic to your website and have it ranking ahead of other sites when they search for it online, for example, if I’m looking for a restaurant in Perth, one that is affordable but serves delicious food, I type in the keyword “Affordable restaurants in Perth” and a list pops in, you probably want your business to be in that list and on top of others for that manner and that’s how SEO works. There are many other forms of digital marketing being used nowadays, those that I mentioned are probably the most popular ones people use.



We now live in such a modernized, fast-paced world, where everybody has mobile phones and have access online, so using digital marketing for your business can help give it a boost, it’s very convenient, easy to use, doesn’t cost that much, it can help you gain new customers and increase sales too.


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