5 Types of Difficult Customers and How to Deal with them

By Julia Mann 29 January, 2020 Business Tips, Customers

I know as business owners it’s a critical task to manage customers, dealing with people with different attitudes and personalities is tough and exhausting at times but whatever the circumstances, we make it a point to provide our customers only the best, we want them to leave happy and satisfied with our products or services right? You see there are many types of customers that you should know of, some are difficult to deal with, there are those who are demanding and some may be rude, keep in mind that a customer who leaves angry and gives negative feedback could hurt your business so when dealing with this kind of customers always stay calm and handle it professionally. 

But how do you manage your customers anyway? First things first you need to recognize the type of customer you’re dealing with for you to know how to handle them eventually.

Know it all customer

These types of customers are those who seem to know everything about your products, they would cut you off when you’re talking and they don’t pay much attention to what you’re saying. When dealing with this kind of customer you need to be patient and just listen to them, when they’re done then you can introduce new ideas and information about your products that the customer is still unaware of.


Penny-pincher customer

These customers are those who are in a budget, they would constantly ask you if your product has a discount or the deals they can get, they would reject your product if they think it’s too costly and would even compare you to a similar brand and say it’s much cheaper there. The best way to deal with these customers is to ask them how much their budget is and offer the products which are within their budget range, explain why your products have a different price among other brands and the benefits they can get from it that others don’t have.

Aggressive customer

These customers are those who think they need to be attended to right away, they’ll get mad if you don’t prioritize them among others. What you can do is to remain calm and don’t argue with the customer, professionally talk to them, explain the situation and offer them solutions.


Demanding customer

These types of customers are those who would constantly ask for something that you don’t offer, they get angry if their demands are not met and might even give negative feedback if they don’t get what they want. What you can do is to offer alternatives if possible, assure the customer that you understand what they want and apologize if you currently don’t have what they’re looking for and do your best to meet their expectations.


Impatient customer

Customers who feel they’ve been waiting for too long, they would get mad and think that you have lousy service. You might get constant complaints from these types of customers, the best way to deal with them is to apologize and explain why it’s taking too long and assure them that you’re doing the best you can.

Always remember that your customers are important in your business’ success so treat them the best way you can, give them much importance and provide them with an excellent service, learn to communicate with them to get to know them better and address their needs properly. Know more about how you can give the best customer service here: Top tips for providing excellent Customer Service

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