Simple Tips for creating content on your Facebook Business Page

By Julia Mann 16 January, 2020 Business Tips, Customers

After having read the Best Social Media Sites for your Business. Now you’ve decided the best place to market your brand is, of course, the site your most familiar with, Facebook! So you’ve managed to create your Facebook business page, now what? Having your page is easy, making it work is the tricky part. You want to gain more followers, get many likes and increase your sales, to do this you need an effective business page.


First things first, make sure that you supply your page with all the important information needed like business name, phone number, location, email address, include your website (if you have one), description and brand logo or photo, people will trust your business page a lot more if they see that all of your business details are there, it’s also one way of having more visitors and followers to your page. Having a website gives you an advantage when it comes to trusting your brand, that’s one way of telling people that your business is legit. This also saves you from using Facebook paid ads to gain several followers, when you link your Facebook page call button to your website, the people who visit your site will likely go to your business page as well.




Now let’s move on to your content, you must create a post that will connect to your audience, it’s easy to have people liking your post but is that enough? It needs to make an impact and have them buying your products. If you want to have as many people as possible to engage in your post, then include a photo, it doesn’t need to be flashy or shots done by a professional photographer it can come from your phone like snapshots of your brands anything that will showcase your products and post some videos too, it doesn’t always need to be business-related, it could be a quote, good-to-know facts, funny memes just to have people engaging on your post. Write valuable content like information about your products, tips, and guidelines, make sure that it’s something people would want to read, also don’t forget the hashtags, it can help boost your post by appearing on people’s search tabs. Post regularly and stay on people’s radar,  schedule your postings and limit it to 2-3 posts a day with intervals to keep your viewers updated on what’s happening page, always answer questions and reply on the comments that’s one way of connecting with your audience, another way is to do a Facebook Live, you can talk about your business, show off your products or it can be more of a conversation, like giving inspirational advice or probably a Q&A portion.


Always make sure to check your daily engagement so you can steer clear of which post has the most audience impact, the bottom of each post shows you how many it reached and take note of the number of likes, comments or shares it garnered. Keep track of which post has the most activity so you can use this to generate more high performing posts.




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