Business is Simple

By Julia Mann 23 September, 2019 Business Tips

Business is not for you if you are impatient.
I found that out the hard way. I am super impatient.

I became an “overnight“ success over the last 4 years.

You seriously have to take action every single day or you won’t get the results you desire. Even if you really don’t feel like it. The younger generation ( 20‘s) think it’s at easy as opening up a YouTube channel and make a shitload of money.
It’s not that easy. It takes daily action, consistency, lots of marketing and sales ability and also lots of ups and downs. Nothing grows where it’s comfortable.
You gotta learn to be comfortable being uncomfortable. I think a lot of coaches these days make it out to be so easy.
“Follow this blueprint and you will become a millionaire.” BULL!
They sell you a dream. Dreams don’t become a reality if you don’t work on yourself every single day.
Business isn’t easy. It’s doesn’t happen overnight.
It’s so much work and dedication. It’s always learning and making mistakes and regardless of the mistakes just to keep on going. But you know what, even though it’s most certainly not easy, it’s pretty simple.
Business is simple.
Don’t overcomplicate it.
Get a good mentor. Do your Daily Action, learn and do your inner work and you will be surprised just how quickly everything can shift.
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